Would you start over….if you could?

  I flew through this book !  This is the book Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie which tells the story of 30-something Emma Tupper….a successful lawyer ready to become partner when her mother’s health begins to fail.  Her mother has dreamed of traveling to Africa for years; however, that dream does not look like it will become reality.  So Emma promises her mother that she will take the trip in her place.  After her mother’s funeral, she inherits a ticket to Africa…and Emma decides to go alone.  She leaves behind a handsome and accomplished lawyer as well as postponing her shot at partner for a while.

It is on this trip that Emma takes ill….very ill.  She is to be gone one month, but what tragedy strikes…she is gone 6 months without any contact with her friends or work.  They assume she has died.  The proper measures are taken in the event of her “death”.   When she finally returns, her apartment has been rented to someone else, her office has been taken by her mortal enemy….and her boyfriend…well…..let’s just say he has moved on.

Emma has a chance to start over….because she has no choice.  Emma is a strong character, and she is not about to fall to piece.  She finds a way to carve herself a new life….a better life..for herself.  The expressions “Things Happen for a Reason” is heard often, but truly do we heed its message?  Sometimes we have to sit back and allow for life to take us on our path….and not to fight it so much.

I love this book and plan to read others by her.  I found myself carrying the book around to read it whenever there was a break in the action, and I took it to bed and read while my husband softly snored beside me….I felt like I was 12 years old and reading Christopher Pike in my bedroom with a flashlight while the rest of the world slept on.  My own little place of distraction.


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