Can lost friendships be found?

      Intriguing story of lost friendship by Marisa de los Santos is entitled Falling Together.  The story is original, and I really enjoyed the main story of Cat, Pen and Will….three college friends who were inseparable…they completed one another until they didn’t.  Cat requested for a break-up of all three at the end of school with strict no-contact rules for them to all abide.  The three of them go into separate ways….without looking back.  It is now 6 years later, and there is a college reunion.  Pen and Will receive a bizarre email from Cat requested their presence.  What follows is a string of mysterious events as Will and Pen try to piece together what has happened since they left college.

I really enjoyed the story of Cat, Will and Pen and the changes that their friendship has gone through.  I was less pleased with all the side stories of the other people in the story and wished for more focus on the three main characters.


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  1. trista

    Thanks for the review. I’m going to read this one!

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