Must-Read Middle reader

  Back to school means lots of new books in the school library for me to enjoy…..I love opening the boxes straight from the publisher and smelling that new book smell.  I love knowing that I am the first one to open that crisp cover….it really is heaven to me…no sarcasm.  All those stories just waiting to be read…..there really is something magical about it all.  The hardest part is trying to decide which one I am going to read first. My choice gets easier after I let the students have the first pick (mighty nice of me, I know).   I let a week go by before I randomly grab one.  My first one of the year was The Book of One Hundred Truths by Julie Schumacher, and I was not disappointed.  This is the story of 12 1/2 year of Theodora Grumman and she is a liar.  She is about to leave for three weeks to go visit her Nenna and Granda on the coast of New Jersey.  She goes there every summer and visits with her father’s family…..the eccentric side of the family.  However, this summer is different for so many varied reasons.  Her Granda’s health is declining, her cousins all will be staying at the house, and she has to watch her 7-year-old nosy cousin, Jocelyn.  Yet, perhaps the biggest change is in Thea herself.   Thea has taken to lying about everything over the past few months and has withdrawn….her parents have no clue as to why.  Only Thea knows….she is keeping such a big secret that is pushing her toward these lies.  Her mother has given her a notebook and has asked her to keep a list of 100 truths….100 things that she knows to be true.    So Thea does…..but she refuses to tell the one truth that is tearing her up….she lost her best friend…..and it was all her fault.  The  book is perfect for middle school readers….it will grab their attention straight from the beginning and will refuse to let go until the very last page.

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  1. LGD

    Great review, spot on. Normally I don’t enjoy this type of book. The author did a great job.

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