Wildly inappropriate and entertaining

    This book was ever so much fun to read! Author Heather McElhatton is quite the witty writer. (And I believe it is the second book to Pretty Little Mistakes…I will be checking that out).  This is called Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married, and it is what I imagine those Real Housewives of random place reality shows are like.   I have never watched them, so I am making a assumption….go with it.  The story is about Jennifer Johnson who works at the famous Keller’s Department Store at the bottom….she meets Brad Keller (the CEO’s son) and they begin to date and eventually get married.  Jennifer soon realizes being a trophy wife to a mega rich man comes with some perks…a multimillion home, a maid, designer clothes, fabulous meals, medi-spa treatments, etc.  Yet many of these along with so much else because the cons to a marriage to Brad Keller who is the running for store president.    Jennifer’s life alters more than she could imagine…she now is expected to entertain and woo investor for her husband, she has to try to dodge Mother Keller, her ultra controlling and evil mother-in-law, and her relationship with her best friend Christopher hits a bump due to the mixed-up values the Keller’s preach.

Yet Jennifer is determined to make it work….I give her credit…I would have been out of there after the hellish honeymoon in the Virgin Islands where the marriage was never consummated due to the bizarre events that occurred.  Throughout the book, Jennifer creates lists (and I heart lists).  She makes list on traits of a trophy wife, things a virgin should know, what women think men think about during sex, what men really think about during sex, etc.  Really some entertaining lists.  The book ends in delicious chaos and quite perfectly, if you ask me.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to laugh…nothing depressing or gruesome in this book.   Sometimes, we just need to relax and be entertained.

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