Fast-paced crime

This is the debut novel by Vincent Anthony entitled The Cigar Box.   If you are looking for a fast read full of action, crime and sex…..look no further.  This first novel reads like the latest Hollywood movie following the life of Joe Battaglia, a hired hit man under unusual circumstances.  Joe is in his sixties and has decided to “confess” his life of murder and crime to David Thompson…a soon-to-be retired lawyer.  The two quickly strike up a one-of-a-kind friendship as Joe confides his past deeds to David over  three-month time period.  After unloading his burden, Joe decides to take another route….one of revenge upon those who “forced’ this criminal career upon him.  The book moves quickly, and you – the reader- dart in and out of the action up until the very end.  I appreciated all the references to places I have been…Deep Creek, Maryland, Cape May, NJ, Virginia, Washington D.C. and many others.  It helped me visualize the action clearer.  I recommend this book to anyone who loves stories of crime,the mafia and action.


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