Oh! The scandal of royalty!

  Something you may not know about me….I am a sucker for anything written about European Royalty.  With Philippa Gregory, I was able to experience Queen Katherine of Aragon,  Mary & Ann Boleyn,Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth….because when it comes down to it I love these women.  Their stories fascinate me…and now I have found Mary Hart Perry who wrote this book…The Wild Princess.  This fictionalized stories is about Princess Louise, Queen Victoria’s 4th daughter (out of 5…she also had 4 sons).  Princess Louise was the daughter who did not take kindly to being tied to all the rules that one of the Royal Court must abide.  She had a passion for art and wanted to attend art school with commoners, and was she was able to convince her mother to allow her…with some guidelines.  Though being independent and stubborn she finds a way around these guidelines and also discovers love, passion, alcohol and drugs.  Much scandal occurs, and years pass.  Queen Victoria is desperate to settle Louise down and arranges a marriage for her.  Though this is not a marriage that the princess has imagined, for she longs for true passion…adventure.

During this time, there is a dangerous plot to the Royal family from Irish radicals.  Queen Victoria hires a handsome Civil War American solider to head security for the family.    His name is Stephen Byrne and may just be the forbidden passion Princess Louise desires….

I love the drama, the tradition, the setting, the romance and suspense that this delicious story has to offer.  There are many little stories laced within the main story….stories of artist, doctors, models, Civil War soldiers, and so many more fabulous characters.   I can’t wait to read another books!!


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