On the cover of this book , it states:  “What if we knew what tomorrow would bring?  Would we fix it?  Could we?”  That is the position 16 year-old Tamara Goodwin finds herself after her father commits suicide, and her life as she knows it is becomes unrecognizable.  This is the novel The Book of  Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern.  Up to the point of her father’s death, Tamara has lived a wealthy yet superficial life.  She had closets of designer clothes and expensive cars all while living in a beautiful mansion in Ireland.  This all disappears.  Her father’s suicide was due to the tremendous debt he had managed to incur.  Now spoiled, self-centered Tamara finds herself moving to the countryside to live with her odd aunt and uncle who are anything but lavishly rich….not to mention she is having trouble to finding gingerbread latte from Starbucks.

Tamara begins a transformation….she explains that she and her family were not really mean people, but they were just not nice people.  Tamara encounters many wonderfully drawn characters in this village….Sister Ignatius is my favorite.  These two unlikely people meet in the gardens of the nearby convent and quickly strike up an unforgettable relationship.  The dialogue between the two is well worth the read!  Tamara also meets Marcus who drives the library bus (I love this!)….this is where she discovers the book….she is browsing the shelves and discovers a book with no title and no author, and it is padlocked with no key.  She is drawn to this book and with the help of Sister Ignatius…they are able to open it.  What lies are the pages are something magical….something fascinatingly unreal.  Something that will change the path that Tamara’s life had been heading.  This something will help her understand not just this new place that is to become her home, but all the strange characters that play a vital role in past, present and future life.   It is fast pace….full of mystery…..I finished it late last night….always late last night.  I was curled up on the couch after yet another summer storm, the only light was from the reading lamp by my head and during one of the more suspenseful scenes, something fell in my garage and I jumped right out of my cozy spot on the couch….my heart spiked.  I then smiled, I love when a book has so much energy that I can feel it physically.


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