This novel really turned me upside down and inside out….I did not know what was coming after each page…each chapter….there was something dark and terrifyingly intriguing waiting for me with each paragraph. This is the novel Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling by Michael Boccacino.  The book begins in the village of Blackfield where widower Charlotte Markham has come to Everton to work for the Darrow family.  Charlotte has been running from a man in black for 15 years since she witnessed her own mother’s death, and she is eager for a place to hide…a place to start over.  She takes the position of governess to Paul and James Darrow — 2 young motherless children.    The action begins immediately when the boys’ nanny is gruesomely murdered by something inhuman.  Quickly, Charlotte is to replace the nanny and become both the boys nanny and governess.  The boys’ mother, Lily Darrow, has been dead for a year, and her death has scarred them deeply.  Paul begins to have dreams of his mother.  During an art lesson, Paul recreates a map from his dreams and convinces Charlotte to take him to her.  Charlotte agrees….anything to help ease the boys’ grief.  They follow the map through the woods into a creepy mist and find themselves in darkness, and who is waiting?  Their mother is there waiting for them at The House of Darkling.  What follows is a story of death and danger and beauty and what a mother will sacrifice even in death to be with her children.  It is frighteningly delicious and full of supernatural terror.   What is the afterlife?   Can one truly be reunited with their loved ones….you find out there is a price to pay even in death.


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  1. rebecca

    That sounds like a great read…must get soon!

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