Mothers and daughters….a timeless subject

   Here is a heartfelt memoir of a mother and daughter who decide to embark on a six month-long journey together around the world.   This is the second memoir by Clair and Mia Fontaine called have mother, will travel.   Their first memoir is entitled Come Back, and it chronicles 15-year-old Mia’s drug addiction and abuse from her biological father.  I have not read that one, but I will be reading it in the near future….believe me.

have mother, will travel is told 10 years after their first memoir, and that pair is now 51 and 25 years old.  The excitement from the first book has begun to die down and Mia is living in New York trying to start a life for herself while her mother is living in Florida renovating a hopeless house and wondering what the heck she is doing.  Claire has an idea to go on the adventure around the world as part of a group (kind of like the Amazing Race)….and she decides she wants Mia to join her.  Mia agrees quickly and that begins the adventure of a grown up daughter and her mother as they strengthen their relationship and learn more about one another.  The memoir is told in alternating voices….Mia’s accounts are written in italics while Claire’s is not.  The two are talented writers with their own unique voice.  They give detailed stories of the countries they visit from China and riding on elephants to Egypt on the back of camels.  They spend time is France really just relaxing and examining who they are and where they have been.  Claire not only looks at her relationship with her daughter, but begins to make sense of her relationship with her own mother.  I found myself tearing up and finding commonality with the pair….both as a mother and a daughter.  There is something in here for every mother and daughter to take away.

Here is the book trailer!

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