The Truth About Dandelions

  First thing, I did manage to get in a 28 mile bike ride, fold and put away 5 baskets of laundry, gut my oldest’s sons room with him so painting could begin, and I also made some nice play doh creations with my 3-year-old before I was sucked into yet another novel.  I sat down late in the afternoon yesterday with my iPad (aren’t I techno savvy?  Though saying techno savvy makes me ineligible to be techno savvy, I believe).  ANYWAY, I sat down to start a few chapters in The Truth About Dandelions by Hayley Linfield.  That was my intention anyway….a few chapters….let’s just say my husband ordered pizza and my kids did not get baths. (they did play in the sprinkler, does that count?). 

 I was intrigued by Mara, the main character in this book.  Mara is now finishing college and is a bit of a whore.  She has experienced some horrible things in her childhood and needless to say…she is trying to lose herself in these one night encounters.  She does not want more nor expect more from them.  So she thinks.  She is an English Literature major and is currently working on her thesis on 19th century English Literature and women whose paths are tainted and unhappy.  Think Charlotte Bronte, Tess of the D’Ubervilles, etc.  You know that Mara has to be a romantic at heart if this is a subject that she feels so passionate towards.  You (the reader) want Mara to find true love and stop sleeping around. I did.    Mara’s character is so fragile…though she comes across as tough.  You want her to heal and close her legs (pardon my bluntness).  Mara questions why Tess and other 19th century characters do not get a happy ending, you will have to see if Mara gets one.

Check out the author’s web site for info on ordering the book and more about Hayley Linfield.


PS.  I want a sequel.


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    Thanks for reviewing!

    Find The Truth About Dandelions on a special summer sale here:

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