Trish and her “trash”?

   Something that scares me is clutter.  Though I must confess I am surrounded by some clutter….papers from the boys’ school, their artwork, receipts, the Sunday paper, toys….I am beginning to itch as I type this.  While reading Kristina Riggle’s novel Keepsake, I began to see clutter in another way.  The main character Trish is recently divorced, mother of two, and a hoarder.  The hoarding is not only what led to her divorce, but to a broken collarbone for her 7 year old son Jack when a pile of debris falls onto him in his bedroom.  At the hospital, Trish is reported to Child Protective Services, and a social worker shows up to examine the conditions in which Jack is being raised.  Trish is now forced to deal with her hoarding or lose her son.

Her older son, 17 year old Drew, has moved out to live with his girlfriend and resents his mother and her hoarding.  Yet, Drew comes to her rescue along with many unexpected people….her sister she has not seen in 8 years, her ex husband, and her father.  Trish has trouble parting with any of her “keepsakes”….through the process the reader begins to understand her hoarding, and we begin to see just where it came from as we are taking into the past.

I could not put this book down, so I created more silent reading time in my house, so I could read it.  I had all my boys on the couch with me reading just so I could get the book done.   We were all cuddled up in the air conditioning reading…..Calvin was reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Henry had Roald Dahl’s The Giraffe, Pelly and Me, Benny was looking through some Berenstain Bears while Nate was writing his own story.  A great afternoon at the Dz household….at least in my calculations.


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