Comedy Pair and Mystery in the Air

  Calling all fans of Diane Mott Davidson and other silly, fun mystery writers!  Here is an author who brings to life the owner of a B & B named Judith Flynn and her wise-cracking, trouble-maker cousin, Renie.  Together the two of them always seem to be surrounded by murder and mayhem….they are magnets for it.  So much so, that Judith has earned the nickname FASTO…because of her quick sleuthing ability to solve the murder case before the local authorities. 

So when Judith is invited to man a B & B booth in Little Bavaria during Oktoberfest….she accepts and takes Renie with her.  Before you know it, a body turns up!  And Judith is there to see it fall, she vows not to get involved…she wants to have a few days of relaxation before she heads back to Hillside Manor.  Yet, it is not that easy for her to escape the case.  She is soon sleuthing and finding clues not only to the current murder case, but to a string of murders from decades before.  Along the way, the book is filled with clever banter between the two cousins…who are a bit like Laverne and Shirley….opposites who work so well together.

Yes, this is a story surrounding murder, but it is not grisly.  The characters will make you laugh and smile.   The bumbling town cops and the dialogue between Judith and Renie will overshadow any nail-biting suspense.  If you are looking for a Mystery Light with some slapstick…this is something for you.

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Filed under adult, fiction, mystery

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