Timely and a page turner

  Thanks to a Invitational Swim Meet, I was able to finish this book today.  It is entitled What You Wish For, and the author is Kerry Reichs.  I was not sure this would be a story I would enjoy…the cute ducks on the cover scared me a bit.  I was not looking for a book about the early joys of motherhood….not that I did not enjoy those beginning years with my children….I like to read to escape my reality….and the “joys” of motherhood are something I am all too familiar.   Fortunately for me, this story is about the not the birth of a baby, but it is about that point in a person’s life when they decide they want to procreate or maybe they don’t.   There are so many wonderful characters in this book….Dimple, a television star who has turned 40, and her biological clock is ticking….but she has no husband….no partner…to help fulfill her dream — easily.  There is Eva, a Hollywood agent, who does not want children….EVER….and many think she is not normal, but she is not going to have a baby just to appease what society thinks it normal.  There is Wyatt….a high school principal in his 40’s who wants to be a father more than anything, but he has not found Miss Right, so he seeks the avenue of adoption — not an easy task for a single man.  There is Maryn who is a breast cancer survivor….her and her ex-husband decided to freeze her embryos since the chemo would most likely destroy any chances of children, but fast forward to the future where Maryn’s husband has left her alone, and Maryn decides she wants to be  mother.  However, her ex-husband’s new wife is none too pleased at the notion of his ex having his children.

The story moves fast….there is love, tragedy, joy, friendship, and scandal.  She has a lot of cleverly woven dialogue…some funny jokes:  “I named my iPod The Titanic, so when I plug it in it says The Titanic is syncing”.  I love cheesy one liners.   The topic of the novel is timely and does have a bit of political soapboxing (which I am not a fan of in fiction)….but not too much and I think the author does a good job at examining various viewpoints.   I so wanted a happy ending for all the characters is the book, I guess I am at times a bigger sap than I realize.  For the most part, there is happiness…..but a good story not only makes one laugh, smile, feel satisfied, but it can make you weep and get angry at the characters, and I believe there is a little bit of it all in there.

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