Powerful Read

  I have just had the privilege to read this amazing novel by Pittsburgh author, sbr martin.  The book is called pig, and it is a story you will not forget.  Martin has created characters so real, so rich in character that you know in your heart that these character must be real.  The story centers around Lily and Bender….a tragically flawed couple whose lives have led them on a path filled with alcohol, domestic abuse, abandonment, guilt, drugs, marriage, parenthood….and ultimately to the setting of the novel…a funeral.  We find Lily sitting on a couch in a funeral home clutching a piece of paper so tightly in her hands…she is not about to let go nor reveal what is in her hands.  The reader joins Lily as she mourns not only death, but as she reflects on her life and how she came to find herself sitting on this couch at her husband’s funeral. 

I sat down to read this book for an hour or so, but I soon realized I was not getting up until I had the book finished.  At the end of each chapter, I would say…”OK…just one more chapter and then I will do some laundry or wash those dishes that have been in the sink since breakfast.”  Yet, one more chapter became one more until I was at the end of the book…which brings me to the end.  WOW! What an ending!  That is all I am going to say….

Her story is original….really unlike anything I have read before.  The characters are so bitterly-real…so flawed and yet understood…redeeming.  I have already placed Sarah’s first book in my amazon shopping cart to purchase…..

Here is the really good news:  sbr martin has agreed to do a fantastic giveaway on my blog….not only is she giving away TWO autographed copies, but also some promotional items.  Please see my giveaway page for more info.

Also:  here is some additional info on the book and talented author:

Book Website: http://facebook.com/sbrmartin.pig

Teaser Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWkHow6cIyk



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