When food comes alive!

This morning during the older boys’ summer school work time, sweet Benny and I grabbed a few books and took advantage of some early reading.  We read (once again) The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahlberg.  This is another family favorite….the cover is silently torn from all the gentle love.  The story is about a boy named Banjo who sits down to eat his dinner…..his dinner is a sausage named Melvin.  Well, Melvin has other plans than to be Banjo’s dinner, so he dashes off the table and as you would expect….everything follows.  Since Banjo is a hungry little boy, he chases after his dinner on a crazy adventure through his town.  Benny loves the fact that all the peas and carrots have names, and they can walk and have faces.  He loves when a duck eats Paul (one of the peas).  All four of my boys have loved this book and I have in fact used it as a read aloud when I have been a guest reader in their classrooms, and I have read it to the third graders that I teach.  I am pretty sure I could recite the book from memory….and probably my boys could as well.

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