Another Jill Recommendation

Once again, my friend Jill has the subtle ability to hand me a book without uttering a single word, and I know that I need to read it. This is the book Outside the Lines by Amy Hatvany….a new author to me, but this is not her only book.   She weaves a tale of Eden West who is a successful chef at a popular catering company.  Eden grew up with a father who was not only a talented artist, but a man who suffered from alcoholism and mental illness.  Eden has always assumed the role as her father’s caretaker….his one true advocate.  A horrible incident happens when Eden is 10 years-old, and her father is sent away and her mother finally files for divorce.  Fast forward 20 years….Eden is 30 years old and is searching for her father someone is the Seattle/Portland area.  She visits a local homeless shelter in hopes of leaving a picture there for someone to recognize….it is here she meets Jack Baker….another soul with a dark past.  Together, they take on the search for Eden’s father and discover so much along the way.  This is the kind of story that sticks with you… reminded me a bit of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls which is based on her own life living with parents who suffered from mental illness.  Both great reads!

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