Who doesn’t adore a story with chickens?

Product Details    I have recently read Impeccable Petunia: Claws, Paws, Feathers and Jaws by Kate Christine with pictures by John Edwards.  I was delighted by this first book about Petunia the chicken who does not quite fit in with all the other chickens…..who frankly are just like the mean girls we all remember from high….bossy, catty, spiteful, and full of gossip.  Petunia has a special talent for gardening and interior design….apparently chickens can see many more shades of colors than humans….it is true.  I fact checked it.  So they would be obvious canidates for The Next Design Star on HGTV.  Petunia becomes friends with the woman who is their new caretaker…Petunia names her Silkie.  Life would assume to be sweet with Petunia able to garden and help decorate…she even makes nice with the cat Macy.  Yet, those mean high school-like chickens have another plan for Petunia and it is not a pleasant one…..
Lovers of animal stories will really enjoy this original animal tale.


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Filed under children, fiction

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