Greek Mythology,Water Spirits & Hunky Merman, OH MY!

Product Details I have just finished the first novel by YA author Leigh Michael, and what a tale she has spun.  The book is called Sprite: Annabelle’s Story.  Michael’s has created a vivid underwater world with spunky characters who lead us on a quest to find a missing conch shell.   Annabelle appears to be a typical 18 year-old girl who excels on the school swim team, has plans of becoming a doctor and has a perfect boyfriend.  Life is sweet for Annabelle until she is kidnapped and taken into this underwater world where her adventure begins. 
 In the spirit of mythology, she offers up many creatures that come to life in our imaginations….such as, Adrian, the cute and sweet and brave Merman who leads Annebelle on her journey as she discovers who she truly is….a water spirit!  Along the way, we hear stories of Greek Mythology with the three big Gods: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.  Yet those are not the only stories and creatures we encounter….not all are as helpful as Adrian.  Take a dive into this first novel by Leigh Michael….you will be enchanted. 


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