because of mr. terupt

This one is for the junior/preteen readers…though I definitely loved this one and read in within two hours.  It is called Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea.  It is a book ALL kids should read.  A group of fifth graders are starting school with a new teacher, you guessed it…Mr. Terupt.  He is unlike any teacher they have ever had and he makes school fun, but that is not all.  The story focuses on 7 students (which I thought would be too many characters to keep track of… is NOT).  Each chapter is written in a different student’s voice and version of the school year.  The students are as varied as they could possibly be….a new girl, a mean girl, class clown, the smart one, shy girl, an outcast, and a loner.  Sounds kind of like The Breakfast Club?  Mr. Terupt teaches them more than just math & reading….and he understands them all.  As the story progresses, you are aware that something horrible is about to happen and you are hoping that it is not too horrible….so you keep reading.  And then the horribleness comes, and you keep reading….you have to find out the conclusion.  And you won’t be disappointed.  I told my 11 year-old that he would love this book, and he plans to read it…as soon as he finishes the Harry Potter Series.  He is on book 5 and can’t put them down!  Not a bad thing at all!


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