Here is another one that my friend Jill lent me, and I loved it!  It is called Sister by Rosamund Lupton.  (I love the name Rosamund).  It is a story of two sisters who have a close relationship…one that I would love to have with a sister, but sigh….I do not have a sister.  The older more responsible sister, Beatrice, lives in New York City while her younger sister, Tess lives in London.  Tess is a free-spirited who lives in the moment and sees beauty in everything.  One day, Beatrice receives a phone call that Tess has gone missing.  She grabs the first flight to London and begins to uncover just what has happened to her sister.  The police think she is crying wolf & refuse to take her seriously, her fiancee thinks she is overreacting & wants her to resume her “normal” life in NY, and her mother refuses to face reality.  Beatrice is alone and trying desperately to trace her sister’s last known steps.  The story moves fast and always keeps you guessing….just when you think you have things figured out…you are lead down another carefully crafted path until the end.  I loved the characters of the sisters as well as their great names….Thanks again Jill…keep them coming!


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Filed under adult, fiction

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